L e v e l   o n e The moment of control

LEVEL-ONE ring rescue you from boring moments while maintaining sophisticated appearance. At Lause we hide a little maze inside the jewel that need to be solved with creativity. It is an amazing entertainment in any situation, no one else can understand unless they wear the same ring.



LEVEL-ONE ring owners are fascinated with their ring. Not just the usual way of loving an accessory, it is the way life is fulfilled.

Experience the difference and elegance.

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T h e   D e t a i l s Place where beauty lives


The idea of the design begins from toys that can be handled inside the pocket without the need of seeing it. Rings became the direction of development.



The idea was fueled by the Chinese culture of control and power and the complementary of Ying and Yang. The Boading balls is a great inspiration to the design as it fits the feeling of play with dignity in a sophisticated manner.



The golden ratio is fascinated Western intellectuals of diverse interests for at least 2,400 years. The two pieces of the ring is divided in the manner of golden ratio, the universal beauty.



The LEVEL-ONE ring is made for experiencing the excitement by searching it around between the two pieces. The moment you try to turn it, the game starts instantly. The journey through the story takes calmness, concentration and perhaps some time.

L a u   &   S e p p ä n e ncontrollable but unpredictable


LAUSE” stands for sentence in Finnish. It is also combined with the creator’s surnames, Jacob Lau and Miiro Seppänen. One sentence can already tell a story, and the story is hidden in every product of LAUSE.

The brand is founded when the creators met in Hong Kong, Miiro Seppänen is a designer from Finland while Jacob Lau is local Cantonese, they would like to start a business selling their own designs providing new lifestyle and experience.

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